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Employee Confidential partner programs

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Referral Partner Program

The Referral Partner Program is for any B2B service such as HR Consultants, Workplace Investigators and other B2B consultants looking to expand their offerings and gain a new annual income stream.

Learn more about EC’s Referral Partner Program.
Reseller Partner Program

The Reseller Partner Program is for companies in the Human Resources, Compliance and Risk Management sectors looking to bring additional value to their customers and to gain a new annual revenue stream. For example, Compliance Training Service Providers, Human Capital Management (HCMs) and Payroll Solutions, Employment Practices Liability Insurance Brokers and co-employer groups such as PEOs and GEOs, Corporate Governance Advisors and Enterprise Risk Management Software Providers.

Learn more about EC’s Reseller Partner Program.

Why partner with Employee Confidential?

Benefits for your Clients

Facilitate compliance with local and international regulations (US’s EEOC, FCPA, EU Whistleblower Directive, India’s PoSH Act).
Build employees’ trust with the reporting process.
Provide a safe environment to report fraud and corruption.
Lower risk of reputational damage and financial loss.
Lower the cost of employment practice liability Insurance premiums.
Brand protection. Keep it in-house vs. on social media.
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