Campus Confidential

Build a Safe, Compliant and Ethical Workplace

Employee Confidential is an online and mobile platform to provide employees, customers, suppliers, and contractors a Confidential and Anonymous system to report incidents.

It includes a Case Management solution to quickly and effectively investigate and resolve cases.

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of an Incident Reporting and Case Management System

Early Warning
The best time to deal with a problem is now. Help your organization address problems before they get worse.
Increase Trust
Increase trust in the entire process. Reduce the fear of retaliation through prompt handling of allegations, keeping the reporter informed and always being transparent.
Meet Standards
Enable an effective compliance program to meet regulatory standards set forth by the US’s EEOC and FCPA, the EU’s Whistleblower Directive and India’s PoSH Act.
Minimize Risk
Reduce financial and reputational losses. Identify potential risk areas for your business via standard reporting and robust analytics.
Prevent Lawsuits
Help prevent legal action against your company to a wide range of exposures, including EEO, financial and safety.
Online & mobile reporting hotline

A platform to submit confidential or anonymous reports via web, tablet or mobile.

An option to report in one of 10 different languages.

Intuitive reporting interface that takes as little as 10 minutes to complete.

Supporting documents can be attached (e.g. videos, photos, screenshots & documents).


Reporter Dashboard

Check case status.

Correspond confidentially or anonymously with case officers.

Add additional evidence and information.

Case Management

Reviewing Case Status in Dashboard.

Messaging (to Reporters & Case Officers).

Tracking Tasks.

Attaching Evidence.

Recording Investigation Notes.

Analyzing Root Causes of the incident and subject.

Logging date & time stamps and timeline of investigation activity.

Case routing & policy management

Assign Case Administrators according to the type of incident and location.

Assign Case Owners.

Flag whether an incident is a regulatory infringement.

Link compliance and HR procedural policies to incident types for easy access during the investigation and resolution process.


A data-analytics section helps management get a snapshot of:

Stages of all cases.

Case activity by date.

Case activity by location.

Case activity by department.

Number of cases by reporter type.

Number of cases by incident type.

Root Cause Analysis

Employee Awareness

Every client receives awareness materials tailored for their industry and target market.

Downloadable posters for placement in common areas.

Downloadable wallet-size cards.

Website & email buttons.

Counted On By Organizations Of All Sizes

"Having litigated and investigated whistleblower, EEO and fraud claims,
I can tell you the best time to deal with a problem
is as soon as it is reported!"
Don Phin, Esq. Board of Advisors
Early Detection is Key
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
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